Thursday, May 25, 2017


After a period of intense planning, Eldorado Middle School is ready to begin a new PROACTIVE behavior support called PBIS, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, a component of the Illinois State Board of Education initiative.  For this to happen, it is necessary that we have a safe environment that is supportive and conducive to growth.  We hope to achieve this by setting forth clear social and behavioral expectations, and directly teaching students what behaviors are expected in different situations.

PBIS will be explained to the students during the first week of school.  At this time we will set aside time to teach the students how to behave, how to earn rewards, and how to succeed in the Middle School.

There are four components to our PBIS program:

  • A matrix or chart of expected behaviors
  • Cool Tools or lesson plans to teach these behaviors
  • A reward/acknowledgment system
  • Green Sheets or Office Referral Forms

The Eldorado Middle School Staff have developed the expectations that will guide us through the year.  All rules will fall into one of these categories on the charts

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

It is our goal to make the understanding of the Eldorado Middle School matrix clear and easy as possible for the students.  The matrix will be posted throughout the school, in classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, etc.



PBIS for Eldorado Middle School is currently under construction. Please come back later.